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This was a cute and pleasant experience! I made a video with my thoughts and commentary. Keep up the great work!


Hi ! Thanks a lot for giving attention to our game ! Indeed it was our first game jam as well as our first game and we're aware of all the weird and quirky stuff about it that you pointed out in your video. But we're very glad you enjoyed it anyway ! 

About the weird keyboard layout, ZQSD is actually our WASD on our french AZERTY layout and yeah we didn't think about offering an alternative (and didn't quite had time too to be honest) so sorry about that.

By the way the part where you tried to pronounce our names was hilarious haha !

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Thanks for the reply! I never knew that about the French keyboard layout! I'm also always happy to (unintentionally) pronounce things completely wrong for the entertainment of others! :D

Yeah, that keyboard layout is also my main concern. I use the 'Central European' QWERTZ' layout, so I'm quite used to switching it to English whenever someone makes a "Z X C" kind of controls, but for this game, I specifically had to install the French keyboard in order to try the game out. I can't imagine what it is like in France to play games which don't allow you to customise the controls…

Other than that, it's a nice interesting game, well done!

Yeah that's a bummer and we're sorry about that :(

But thank you for playing and for your feedback !